Author Topic: PULASKI COUNTY JANE DOE: BF, 18-40, found in Little Rock, AR - 18 August 2002  (Read 202 times)


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NamUs UP # 2865

ME/C Case Number: 698-02
Pulaski County, Arkansas
18 to 40 year old Black/African American Female

Case Report - NamUs UP # 2865
Case Information
Status Unidentified
Case number 698-02
Date found August 18, 2002 00:00
Date created December 09, 2008 11:35
Date last modified October 26, 2016 15:21
Investigating agency
date QA reviewed December 10, 2008 07:45

Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
Agency Arkansas State Crime Laboratory
Phone 501.227.5936
Agency Pulaski Cnty Coroners Ofc
Phone 501-340-8355
Case Manager
Name Chris Edwards
Phone 501.227.5936

Estimated age Adult - Pre 50
Minimum age 18 years
Maximum age 40 years
Race Black/African American
Sex Female
Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
Height (inches) 64, Estimated
Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
All parts recovered
Body conditions
Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton
Probable year of death 2002 to 2002

Location Found
GPS coordinates
Address 1 2610 Resevoir Road
Address 2
City Little Rock
State Arkansas
Zip code
County Pulaski
This victim was found behind a vacant house. The remains were found in an advanced stage of skeletonization.

Hair color Black
Head hair

Skeletal findings
Three old rib fractures on right side of chest. Old injuries of the nose. Arthritis of the spine in the upper back, on the collar bone, and shoulder blade in the left shoulder.

Clothing and Accessories
Clothing and accessories are described below
Clothing on body
1 set of dark blue appearing nylon overpants with velcro fastener was around the ankles-size men's medium-Medina brand, 1 pair of Arizona wide leg carpenter jeans with a black leather belt, 1 brown shirt-size large-"Lamode"-emblem over left breast area, 1
Clothing with body

1 pair of white with blue trim tennis shoes-Rebok brand-size 8 wide and 1 sock present in one of the tennis shoes.
1 penny found in pants pocket and a dollar bill folded up into one of the leg pockets. 7 pennies found in right front pocket of jacket. Separately noted was a gold and silver tone bracelet.

Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered

Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete