Author Topic: HARTFORD CHILD DOE (1944): WF, 8-10, victim of the Hartford circus fire - 6 July 1944  (Read 159 times)


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The Hartford Circus Fire ~ July 6, 1944


Hartford Circus Fire Memorial
The completed memorial has been erected at the site of the circus fire, behind the Wish School at 350 Barbour Street in Hartford, Connecticut, and was dedicated on July 6, 2005. The memorial consists of several bronze plaques that describe what was happening at specific times during the fire. The center plaque sits exactly where the center ring of the bigtop was on July 6, 1944, and has the names of each victim of the circus fire embossed on it.

Hartford Circus Fire Memorial at Northwood Cemetery

A memorial was erected at the Northwood Cemetery in Windsor, Connecticut, and is inscribed as follows: "This plot of Ground consecrated by the City of Hartford as a Resting Place for three adults and three children who lost their lives in the Circus Fire. July 6, 1944. Their identity known but to God."

The Frank Bradley Memorial
Simsbury Volunteer Fire Company

This granite and bronze sculpture commemorating Simsbury firefighters is named after the first fire company member to die. Frank Bradley and his wife Helen were victims of the Hartford Circus Fire in 1944, just days after the formation of the fire company.

Consisting of a cast bronze helmet on top of a six-sided granite sculpture, each of the six sides of the memorial represents one of the fire stations in town. A bell from the departmentís old ladder truck inside the sculpture is rung at the annual memorial service. The surrounding Memorial Walkway honors deceased fire company members who achieved honorary life status and those who died while an active fire company member.

Hartford Circus Fire Virtual Cemetery

Find A Grave members collect and publish information and photographs of burial markers, including a virtual cemetery of the victims of the circus fire.