Author Topic: WEST HAVEN JANE DOE: WF, 18-30, found near water processing plant in West Haven, CT - 20 April 1979  (Read 197 times)


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WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – It’s been more than three decades since a woman’s body was found on water company property off Route 34 on April 20, 1979.

But police Tuesday released a forensic artist’s rendering of the woman, giving new life to the cold case.

“It’s always rewarding, especially on a case like this where you don’t have a lot of leads, or it’s so old to be able to get that aha moment,” said Peter Massy, who teaches forensic science at the University of New Haven.

The woman, who was white, was believed to be in her late teens or early 20s at the time of her death, police said.

Massey said much can be learned from the skeletal remains, even though they may have been there possibly eight years before they were discovered in 1979.

“By knowing the skull shape and the structure,” he said, “they can start to determine the race, male, female, different structures, age.”

It may not be an exact likeness but it should resemble the woman. Here’s more information about her:

She was 5-foot-1 to 5-foot-3 tall, had periodontal disease, several fillings and all wisdom teeth were congenitally missing. She may have also had congenitally missing lower vertebra and may have had arthritis and lower back pain. She was found with only a black laced bra and a folding travel alarm clock in hard red case.

Police are hoping that someone does have one of those aha moments and can help identify this woman. From there, police may finally be able to reconstruct what happened.

Tina Detelj reporting