Author Topic: WEST HAVEN JANE DOE: WF, 18-30, found near water processing plant in West Haven, CT - 20 April 1979  (Read 197 times)


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West Haven Jane Doe

The partial skeleton of a woman was found on April 20, 1979 in West Haven, Connecticut. She was between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five when she died due to an unknown cause and nature, near a water processing plant. She had died between 1971 and 1978, a year to eight years before she was located. A black bra made from lace was the only article of clothing found, but she also had a folding alarm clock in her possession. The woman had fillings, signs of a dental disease and congenitally missing wisdom teeth. She also may have had some back problems, as she might have been missing a vertebra and could have had arthritis