Author Topic: WEST HAVEN JANE DOE: WF, 18-30, found near water processing plant in West Haven, CT - 20 April 1979  (Read 197 times)


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Did a Murderer of Two Have Even More Victims ?

Hadden Clark was an oddity in life, he never could find the right path. Instead he turned to one of evil and in separate instances brutally murdered 6 year old Michelle Dorr and 23 year old Laura Houghteling who both lived in the state of Maryland.

Clark admitted to the two slayings that occurred in Maryland and has told Law Enforcement that he has committed up to eleven more woman and girls across the Atlantic states. Law Enforcement in different states originally took the claims seriously.

In an odd twist that would be seen in most movies and TV shows. Clark and an inmate that he befriended were taken out to spots where Clark had claimed to bury more victims in the nineteen seventies and eighties.

The properties he showed them were on or near where relatives of his had homes at one time. Clark thought of his inmate friend as "Jesus Christ" and Clark himself was a cross dresser.

Law Enforcement were taken to locations on Wellfleet, Massachusetts on the Cape area of the state as well as the allegedly haunted West Peak mountain in Meriden. No bodies were found. Police began to doubt Clark and his visits to sites were stopped as he was deemed an escape threat.

To this day, Clark has also claimed to be the killer of an Unidentified woman in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 1974 called "The Lady of the Dunes". She was estimated to be around 145 pounds and 5 feet, six inches tall. She had long auburn or reddish hair that was tied in a ponytail with an elastic barrette. However, another convicted serial killer is also rumored to have killed her. Notorious Boston Gangster, James "Whitey" Bulger.

While Clark may have lead the police to spots where there were no bodies, he is an admitted and proven killer. He should still be taken seriously. His two victims were known and reported immediately missing. His other victims could be transients and never reported as missing persons.

One possible victim of a serial killer in Connecticut (Hadden Clark or not) could be that of an unidentified white female found in 1979 on property owned by the New Haven Water Company property which is next to Route 34/Derby Avenue. They estimate that she was between the ages 18 and 25. She was also missing her wisdom teeth congenitally missing and some fillings in others. She may had arthritis due to a possible missing vertebrae in her back. If you think you know who this woman is please call the West Haven, Connecticut Police Department at 1-203-937-3900 or the Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner 1-860-679-3980.