Author Topic: NEW CASTLE COUNTY JOHN DOE (1994): HM, 25-35, found along Basin Road near New Castle - 17 October 19  (Read 171 times)


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October 17, 1994 New Castle, Delaware John Doe

On October 17, 1994 a man was walking down the west bound lanes of Basin Road in New Castle, Delaware when he found a pink sheet. Wrapped inside was that of a man. It is unknown what the cause of death is, but it's possibly a homicide due to the way the body was found. A witnessed claimed to see a van parked on the shoulder near where the man was found. The driver was a white male.

He was a Hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. He was 5'5" and 138 lbs. He has brown eyes. He has black hair that was wavy and well groomed, and had a widows peak. He was clean shaven and trimmed mustache.  He was well groomed. His armpits and pubic hair was shaved. His hands were manicured and he did have sign of periodontal disease around the first molar and calculus present between teeth.

He was wearing a medium (made in Panama) grey, tan, and long sleeve button up shirt, medium long khaki's, black shorts under the khakis that were rolled at the waist, brown belt buckle, medium fruit of the loom t-shirt, and no shoes. He had a folding type brown wallet with no I.D., but with 15 one dollar bills and one nickle.

SOURCES: (Postmortem picture)