Author Topic: WILMINGTON JANE DOE: WF, 25-70, partial remains found in New Castle County, DE - 4 June 2011  (Read 145 times)


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New Castle County, Delaware
25 to 50 year old White Female
Partial human skeletal remains found in area of thick underbrush and heavily wooded area near Colony Ct Apts off Lea Blvd in wooded area behind buildings, Wilmington, DE.
Long, fairly thick, dark brown hair, arranged in a single, loose braid, about 13 inches in length.
Blue men's shorts several feet away from remains. (may not be associated)

Dental radiographs and photographs are available in Images section. Teeth #8, #9, and #5 were separate from the skull and placed in appropriate sockets for the examination and radiographs.
Root tips present in area of # 12, and #14.
Appearance and type of dental treatment suggests that the dental treatment was completed prior to 1960, before the common usage of dental composite material. (Comment from original dental report) Unable to determine if mandibular molars are 17 or 18 after consult with two other odontologists. Also could not determine if 31 or 32, therefore all are coded as / for default code in NCIC.
DNA tests are not complete.