Author Topic: HOLT JANE DOE: WF, 36-45, possible Happy Face Killer victim found near Holt, FL - 15 September 1994  (Read 455 times)


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Daughter of 'Happy Face' serial killer reveals how she found duct tape in his truck's sleeper cabin and how he hanged and tortured her kittens when she was five

Melissa Moore, now 34, is the daughter of Keith Hunter Jesperson who **** and strangled eight women in the U.S. in the 1990s
She revealed how at the age of 15, she found duct tape in her truck-driving father's sleeper cabin
She said her father took pleasure in sharing graphic sexual details with her growing up and how he once tortured kittens to death in front of her


PUBLISHED: 14:16 EST, 6 November 2014 |

The daughter of the 'Happy Face' serial killer has revealed how at the age of 15 she found a roll of duct tape in the bed of his long-distance truck's sleeper cabin - a moment which she brushed off but came back to haunt her, many times, years later.

Melissa Moore, now 34, has revealed in a new essay, published this week, chilling details about her father Keith Hunter Jesperson which had always left her with a lingering unease while growing up in Washington.

When she was five she watched in horror when he hung her pet kittens on a clothes line and tortured them to death, paying no heed to his young daughter's screams