Author Topic: MALAD JANE DOE: WF, 12-16, skull found in rural area of Oneida County, ID - 26 October 1986 *Patricia Campbell*  (Read 156 times)


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Jane Doe Recovered 1986 - near Malad, Idaho

“Jane Doe” was found in October 1986, not far from the remains of Patricia Campbell and Tina Anderson, whose remains were found in 1981. (Patricia and Tina disappeared from Pocatello in 1978) She is believed to be a Caucasian female aged 12-16 at the time of death. She was originally reported to have been black or of mixed race, but opinion varies. Extensive searches of runaway reports and missing person databases have turned up empty.

Some have theorized the same person/people who murdered Tina Anderson and Patricia Campbell may have had something to do with Jane Doe’s death, since finding three sets of remains so close to each other my not be coincidental.

If you have information about her identity, contact the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.