Author Topic: MALAD JANE DOE: WF, 12-16, skull found in rural area of Oneida County, ID - 26 October 1986 *Patricia Campbell*  (Read 156 times)


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Partial skull lost by local law enforcement has now been found

The partial skull of an unidentified person that had been lost by law enforcement for several years has now been found and authorities are investigating how it could be linked to the unsolved abduction and murder of two Pocatello girls.

Oneida County Sheriff Arne Jones confirmed to the Journal this week that the lost partial skull first discovered by hunters in October 1986 in the Trail Hollow area of Oneida County has been located and is now undergoing analysis by the FBI.

“We are just hoping to get some more information about the remains to give us a direction of where to go or look next,” Jones said.

He would not speculate on how long it will take the FBI to complete its analysis of the partial skull.

Jones confirmed the partial skull was missing for several years but he would not identify the local law enforcement agency found to be in possession of the partial skull or explain how it was located. Jones did confirm that the skull submitted to the FBI is the one that went missing while in the possession of local law enforcement.

The identity of the person this partial skull belongs to remains a mystery, though several forensic and cold case experts have developed unverified theories over the years. According to the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, the gender, race, height and weight of the person the skull belongs to remain unknown.