Author Topic: TWIN FALLS JANE DOE: WF, 45-50, found in Snake River - 9 September 2014 *GRAPHIC* *Cynthia Gunnerson*  (Read 1094 times)


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This is the unidentified woman found in Twin Falls Sept 9, 2014.This is all current as of today. I am in a group called EastIdaho ColdCases and together we have collected information. We have a running post. And I have done a current update today with all the new info and pictures. Yes, this woman is deceased in these pictures. These ARE all there is to identify her, so if the picture's bother you, I am sorry , BUT this woman deserves to be identified so she can be laid to rest.

UPDATED 9-26-14 After Cindy spoke to the coroner. , I have reread thru all comment's as well as the news stories and now.have added Cindys information. This is what I have. If I miss something please tell me and I will add.
Coroner does say she looks very similiar to picture of her. He also is going to release pictures to major media outlets

1- this woman was recovered from the Snake River in/near Twin Falls, Idaho on September 9, 2014. She is thought to have been in the water approx an hour or so prior to recovery. Cause of death is trauma from fall, cause of fall unclear at this time.
2- she is as of this time unidentified and does not match any missing person's report's, and does not have fingerprints on file.
3- she is approx 40 to 55 year's old
4- Teeth in perfect shape, with 3 veneers in the front
5- she does NOT have any tattoo's, BUT has a scar on left arm, brown mole on right cheek, and a non colored mole under her lip towards the left, and a non colored mole on forehead
6- nails not done
7- brows freshly plucked. Top and bottom lips are full, but top lip does not appear full in picture possibility related to biting at time of fall.
8- 5 foot 6 inches tall
9- weight 160
10- is not a full figured woman, breasts of average size
11- she is described as Caucasian. BUT may be of mixed ethnicity as her features do to some of us look like she may have some Hispanic in her. Has short dark brown hair, and blue green OR hazel eyes. (I too am Hispanic and Caucasian with dark brown hair and hazel eyes) They are running DNA to find out what her ethnicity is.
12- her eye color is difficult to really see due to cloudiness that occurs with death.
13- In the picture her skin tone appears slightly grayish and mild amount of yellowing which also occours with death
14- her face does appear to have some bloating, also normal with death.
15- per coroner does NOT appear to have ever given birth
16- When recovered was wearing black clothing and men's tennis shoes size 11 and 1/2 which according to a more recent media report were too big for her feet (her feet were smaller). One shoe was on the woman, the other one near by her in the water. Also found money (2 five dollar bills and a twenty dollar bill ) folded together near where she was found. Is believed to have belonged to the woman. She was also wearing black cargo pants two sizes to large and had them cinched up with a webbed belt. Also was carrying a hat in the pocket. Clothes all appear to be from Walmart
17- per coroner she appears to be a tomboy
18-- through earlier conversations we have realized she resembles others AND looks familiar to many in different areas of Southeast Idaho (Twin, Poky, IF)
19- no personal belongings found near or around area (purse, phone, car, etc.)
20- We need to work together to help this lady.
21- We are all sharing this post to hopefully get it out there and someone will recognize her so she may be laid to rest and her loved one's know what has happened.