Author Topic: LADY OF THE DUNES: WF, 27-49, found in Provincetown, MA - 26 July 1974  (Read 690 times)


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There were also signs of sexual assault at the scene, possibly performed with a piece of wood, likely after she died.

She had extensive dental work on her teeth, worth between five and eight thousand dollars, although several teeth were removed by the killer, likely as an attempt to prevent her identification. Her hands had also been removed; one at her wrist and the other at her elbow.

Someone had paid for very expensive dental work. Several teeth were removed as were her hands. This is a procedure done by the mob for years. It prevents identification of the victim.

There was also a size 10 shoe imprint found at the scene, the same shoe size as Bulger, and a green towel or blanket believed to be from the Crown & Anchor.

The blanket/towel appears to have come from the hotel where Whitey Bulger and his female friend were known to stay.