Author Topic: LADY OF THE DUNES: WF, 27-49, found in Provincetown, MA - 26 July 1974  (Read 690 times)


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Disturbing And Fascinating Facts About The Lady Of The Dunes

The case of the "Lady of the Dunes," has baffled law enforcement, journalists, and the public for more than 40 years. The Lady was a name given to a young woman whose badly beaten was discovered in 1974 in a tourist town at the tip of Cape Cod. The nature of the young woman's death, as well as the many theories about her killing, have led several people - including the son of a world-renowned horror author - to ask: "Who was the Lady of the Dunes?"

Some people have theorized the unidentified woman was killed by an organized crime boss from Boston, while others say she was murdered after she successfully escaped from police custody. Another recent theory is that she might have been an extra in Jaws. Whoever she is, her true identity has eluded many people. What happened to this woman, and why?

She Was Brutally Murdered And Mutilated

Photo: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children/Wikimedia Commons
On July 26, 1974, a teenage girl and her dog discovered the badly decomposed corpse of a young woman in the dunes of Provincetown, a coastal resort community on Cape Cod. The woman - who was eventually dubbed the "Lady of the Dunes" - was found laying facedown on a blanket, ****, with a bandana and a pair of jeans beneath her head.

After examining her lifeless body, officials determined the woman was killed by a blow to the head that crushed her skull. She was also nearly decapitated, possibly as a result of strangulation, and her hands had been cut off, making it impossible for law enforcement to get her fingerprints. The authorities also determined she was sexually assaulted with some sort of wooden object after she was murdered, and they concluded she was probably between the ages of 25 and 30 and was five-foot-eight and weighed approximately 145 pounds.

She May Have Been Killed By A Famous Mobster

Photo: United States Marshals Service/Wikipedia
In addition to cutting of her hands, someone removed several of the woman's teeth, causing people to speculate the Lady of the Dunes may have been killed by James "Whitey" Bulger. He was a notorious mobster involved with an organized crime syndicated in nearby Boston at the time. Bulger and other members of the Winter Hill Gang reportedly removed their victims' teeth after killing them to make it more difficult for the authorities to identify them. He was also known to frequent a popular gay bar in Provincetown called The Crone & Anchor - close to where the Lady was found.

According to Sandra Lee, who wrote a novel based on the case, the Lady of the Dunes may have been a young woman who came to America from Ireland, and it's possible Bulger - an Irish American himself - was grooming her to force her into sex slavery. Lee believes Bulger or one of his cronies may have killed the young woman in Boston around the Fourth of July, and they preserved her corpse in a freezer until they dumped her body in the dunes, where it was discovered on nearly three weeks later.