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The decomposed remains of an Hispanic woman were found on the beach, scavenged by coyotes, on October 10, 2012, on South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas. The victim's body was likely exposed due to changes with water levels on the beach. The woman had been dead for one or more weeks before the discovery. The sand above the body had been "covered with lime," possibly to speed decomposition or plant growth, likely as a way to prevent the body from being found or identified.


On June 3, 1977, this man died after being struck by a motor vehicle while walking along Highway I-635 in the city of Mesquite (Dallas County), Texas.  He was reported to have been seen traveling through Texas with a dog.


The decedent was hit by a car at 4400 Sylvester in Dallas. The driver failed to stop and render aid.


"Delta Dawn" is the nickname of an unidentified decedent found in Moss Point, Mississippi in late 1982. The child was a murder victim, as she had both been smothered and drowned shortly before her body was found in the Escatawpa River.


Skull found by two boys fishing on Canyon Creek on 3088 E of 97A Co Rd. Boys had been in location the previous week and bones had not been there then.


Found in a plastic case, painted green and wearing a beret. Possible souvenir of father's from WWII. Gender unsure.


Deceased used the stolen identity of Gustavo Garcia, lived in a bus in back of a car lot.


Unknown - Box sitting in ME Evidence room for years with no case information, place of origin, investigation history, or paperwork. Possible female.


Unknown. Lower mandible found.

Unknown - Box sitting in ME Evidence room for years with no case information, place of origin, investigation history, or paperwork.


Unknown - Bones sitting in ME office evidence room for years without case number, info on place of origin, investigation history, or paperwork.


Deceased was in a vehicle hit by train.


Found at Mustang Island State Park. Victim was in the sand dunes approximately 1 to 1-and-a-half years.


Found in Nueces County.


Found in storage unit, probably transient.


Found inside a sewer pipe along roadway at 5202 Bear Lane in Corpus Christi, TX.


Jane Doe was found in the Nueces River, wearing a handmade red/white striped pullover and a short-sleeved shirt. She had short hair with some gray. Her teeth were in poor hygiene with her two front teeth badly decayed. She had diastema.


She was found lying on a walkway to Charter Bank at 5433 Westheimer Rd, in Houston. She was found with a handwritten schedule. Details surrounding her death have either not been disclosed or haven't been determined.


Found in Nueces County, Texas


Victim was removed from Corpus Christi Bay.


Found near church which had been burglarized. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt, tan corduroy jeans, and baseball cap with "Broken Drum Auto Parts, Hwy 44" across it.

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