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A groundskeeper at the Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Cemetery in Annandale, Virginia found this well dressed woman near the infant's burial section. She had placed clear plastic on the ground and decorated a small Christmas tree. She had a tape player with a recording by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner from the 2000 Year Old Man. She committed suicide by drinking brandy, swallowing Valium, and covering her head with plastic to suffocate herself. She left a typed note and cash for the cemetery and the coroner.


San Mateo Doe was an individual found murdered in California in 1983. The victim was wearing female clothing, it is unknown if the victim was a drag queen or a transgender woman.


Recovered from the Ohio River.


The decedent was found on July 18, 2000.


The decedent was discovered in Oak Hill, West Virginia on April 15, 1994.


The decedent was discovered in a body of water in Wellsburg, West Virginia on April 2, 1991.


The decedent was discovered on June 26, 1988 in Wayne County, West Virginia.


The decedent was discovered at the Hare Krishna Commune on December 1, 1986.


The victim was discovered on February 21, 1986 in Jefferson County, West Virginia with a gunshot wound.


Found in River 4-6 months


The decedent was struck and killed by a vehicle while he was hitchhiking near the Fair Deal Market on US 19-21.
An individual who had previously given the unidentified male a ride stated the decedent was traveling to Bluefield to obtain a birth certificate to join the army.  The decedent claimed he was raised in Chicago, Illinois and both of his parents had died. He did not provide his name to the driver.


A West Virginia paving employee came across human skull while searching through a road-side dump for mason jars. The victim's skeletal remains were scattered in a steep ravine one mile west of Route 60 from the I-64 Alta Exit. The area is approximately the size of a football field.


A man preparing a field for deer season discovered the decedent's decomposed remains lying next to an overturned flatbed dump truck. The discovery took place 300 yards off of Route 19 south, near Beverly Hills Florist. The field had last been mowed in July.

Investigators found a Georgia ID card with the remains. While they believe the picture is of the decedent they are not sure the information is correct. They ran the name on the card, Pablo Hernandez Cruz, through various databases but found no matches. No one at the address listed on the ID knew who the man was. Also found with the remains were phone numbers and personal effects, none of which led to the man's identity.


Wetzel County Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in 1983 in West Virginia. She is a presumed victim of the Redhead murders.

The woman's body was found along a highway, a few days after she died. NamUs states she was decomposed beyond recognition, although postmortem photos available online dispute this.

The body was **** and police believe the victim was killed by asphyxiation or strangulation. She is speculated to be one of up to eleven women suspected to have been killed by a serial killer in the southern and northeastern United States that favored red-haired women as his victims.

The decedent was found by Department of Health workers in a remote area, lying alongside a garbage dump west of County Route 5/7.


Skeletal Remains were found beside US 19, near the town of Cool Ridge, one mile to two miles inside Mercer Co.


The decedent was found face down in a wooded area off of Warm Springs Road near Kearneysville, West Virginia, on August 24, 1986. He had been wrapped in a rug and placed along the tree line.


Her body was discovered by an individual while mushroom hunting along U.S. Route 522. Her **** body was 42 feet down an embankment on old US 522 near Hancock Bridge, approximately 3/10 of a mile from the Maryland/West Virginia state line.


The decedent's skeletal remains were found intact inside a sleeping bag under the Roosevelt Bridge.  He was homeless, and may have used the name "John Hardy". During a field interview with police officers, some years before, he provided an address of Fairfax County, Virginia. All checks have failed to provide any further information.


The decedent was found floating in the Elizabeth River near Harbor Park Stadium. Interval between death & discovery, days to weeks.

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