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On June 13, 1972 an unidentified boy was found in Massey Creek below the Old Colchester Road bridge in southern Fairfax County. The child was estimated to be between 3-6 years old.


Newport News Jane Doe was a woman found deceased underneath a sheet in Newport News, Virginia.


The victim was located in a wooded area at the intersection of Lee Avenue and Smith Boulevard in Petersburg. The interval between death and discovery was several weeks to months.


The victim, concealed in a bag, was located in a secluded area in the woods, off Telegraph Road, in North Stafford, under natural appearing layer of leaves, by hunters. The area was near the Brent Family cemetery, by an area known as "Witches Pond," which is rumored to be "haunted."


Hunters were in a secluded wooded area, 6 miles west of Rawley Springs, Virginia when they discovered human skeletal remains in a shallow grave. The interval between death & discovery was ten to fifteen years.


The victim's headless and handless remains washed up on the First Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The body was **** and had been bound. It is estimated that the body was not in the water more than 6 hours prior to being found.


On 11/16/1979, the decomposed and skeletal remains of a black male was found along Seaboard Railroad Tracks off Leigh Street in Richmond, Virginia. Death appeared to be of natural causes but listed as undetermined.


Princess Blue was a teenage girl whose skeleton was found at the side of a road in Texas. She is known by her nickname due to a blue 1975 class ring that she wore.

Princess Blue's body was found under a pile of brush and a tire by a man who stopped to relieve himself. She wore several rings, including the class ring that was found. She was likely deceased for around a year, which indicated that the ring did not belong to her originally.

She was thought to be Hispanic, but was later found to be White with African-American heritage, most likely having at least one Black grandparent. Because of this, the sketches may not be accurate.


Skeletal remains found on 11/10/2001 by a Boy Scout Troop hiking in the Muttontown Preserve, approx 300 feet from the nature trail entrance on Muttontown Rd and approx 75 feet off the trail.


Skull only recovered from a trawler net approximately 30 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, VA.  The skull was eventually brought to shore in Pamlico County, NC.  The NC SBI brought the skull to our office on 12/03/1992.


Bone found on September 24, 2003 by a woman who was walking her dog in a Fullerton Park.  The bone was brought to Orange County Coroner by the Fullerton Police Department.


Skull found off the Ortega Highway in Orange County, California on December 18, 2002. The race, sex and age range for the decedent is unknown.


John Doe was found murdered in the Oswego River north of the Three Rivers in Lysander, NY on June 16, 1976. The victim had been smothered.


 This unidentified female was found in the area of Colfax and Iowa Hill Road in Placer County.


On June 22 1982 an unidentified white male was located deceased in the Missouri River, near the mouth of the Little Muddy River east of the town of Williston.  He was about 5'9 - 5'10, had medium length brown to reddish hair with a full beard which was light on the upper lip and thicker on the chin. He is believed to be between the ages of 30 to 40.


Victim was found discovered in a ditch along Route 17, Southern Tier Expressway, now Interstate 86 in Ellery, New York. She had been shot once in the back, twice in the chest, and once inside the mouth.

Personal effects found with the victim suggests she may be from Europe or Canada.


An incomplete human skeleton was  found by workers clearing brush from a property lot. The remains were scattered.

Race, Sex and Age range unknown


Skeletal remains recovered from a shallow grave in Western Fulton County NY, Town of Ephratah.  Remains were located by an excavation crew working in a small, remote gravel quarry. Remains are that of a b/f, late teens to mid twenties. Slender build. Several hoop bracelets were found on the remains. One of which was an Avon "Libra" horoscope bracelet. The remains also had a dark colored wig with several dreadlocks attached. Subject had a large gap between her front teeth.


The victim was located on a secluded creek bank in Matagorda County, TX near Blessing, Texas on June 28, 1980.


The decedent was discovered in a large plastic garbage can at a dump site in North Richmond, CA. on 07-17-1995.  The decedent was wearing a blue "Skort" - a combination of shorts and a shirt.

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