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A dog discovered a leg bone which led investigators to a shallow grave on Pearblossom Highway, 1/2 mile East of Avenue V. The area was covered with twigs and branches in an attempt to conceal victim, and the grave was covered with a large amount of lye. The skull was in a box. Knife and shell casing were discovered at the location


On 11/24/1979 this Human skull was found on the ground near Angeles Crest Highway approx. 7 miles N. of Mt. Wilson in La Canada, CA. The Skull appears to be a White/Hispanic Male between the ages of 17-25.


On April 22, 1982, a headless, handless, footless torso was found in an almond orchard in southwest San Joaquin County. The victim had two distinctive tattoos including a tattoo of a snakes head in blue ink on the outside of the right wrist and a colored tattoo of a grim reaper on the left forearm.


On 5/22/1971  these human skeletal remains were found in a ravine at the base of a cliff by some kids who were in the area.  A major brush fire had gone thru this are during Sept. 1970, and there have been heavy rains and an earthquake since that time.


The victim was found in the Angeles National Forest in a brushy area 150 yards east of Sand Canyon Road, south of Placerita Canyon Road in the Newhall area.

He was shot once in the head and four times in the chest.


Decedent was found in a large red plastic suitcase lying on the rocks under the boardwalk in San Diego Bay adjacent to Laurel Street and Harbor Drive.


Police were called when a man was seen walking through a Brisbane neighborhood with a partial human skull on November 16, 2012. He told police that he found the skull in a tree while walking and the skull called out his name. He couldn't remember where the tree was and although the area was searched, no additional remains were found at the time. The man was subsequently arrested.

After his release from jail on January 16, 2013, the man took officials to the site where the woman's remains were located - on a vacant hillside property, southwest of Bayshore Boulevard and Old County Road.


On 01/19/1997 the decedent was discovered by a group of students who were walking in the area.  He was found lying on a "dirt area" in the 17500 block of S. Susana Rd & State route #91.


The decedent is currently an unidentified male child, between the ages of 2.5 to 3.5 years. On 05/04/04, the skeletal remains were found by hikers in a wooded area of Rancho Bernardo. The skeletal remains were in a travel type bag that appeared to have been dumped in the area. The postmortem interval was over a year.


On 12/18/1986 a Human skull was found down a slope by a citizen who saw an abandoned motercycle and was searching for parts.  The skull (minus mandible) was resting upright on a rock.  Further serches by L.A. Sheriff and L.A. Coroner found partial skeletal remains.


Jane Doe #18-87   was found dead of a gunshot wound. She is described as a White female, 5'1" 132 lbs, with light brown (reddish) hair.  Eyes possibly hazel.


On the morning of 09/03/1991 this decedent was apparently assaulted by being struck in the head with a 2x4 (wood board). He was transported to Mercy Hospital & Medical Center (currently Scripps Mercy Hospital) where he was diagnosed with a head injury. He subsequently died at the hospital on 09/08/1991. It was listed in the medical records that upon his admission he was speaking Vietnamese although this information can no longer be confirmed.


On 9/6/1973 the decedent was found in an open grave in La Habra Heights, CA.


The victim was located at 13707 Little Tujunga Canyon Drive, Crescenta Valley, CA. She was found inside an abandoned trailer which had been set on fire. She was burned beyond recognition and had a wire wrapped around her neck and a hose inserted in her ****.

Suspect Melvin Smith was arrested and sentenced to 25 years. He admitted that he picked the victim up at Sepulveda and Ventura Boulevard, sometime after 04.00 on the morning of the murder. The suspect admitted beating the victim until she did not move anymore. The crime was committed in an abandoned trailer at location.


On 08/13/1998, the deceased was found at the edge of a private driveway.


Skull of child found in mountainous area. Identity may only be established with dental X-rays and DNA (refer to CODIS #BK-04-000719).


The victim's skeletal remains were found in the creek bed of a heavily wooded area of Shell Oil Field, approximately ˝ mile west of Tonner Canyon Road and 100 feet north of Brea Boulevard in Brea.


The victim was located at Sheldon Road, 7/10 of a mile West of Bradshaw Road in Sacramento County, CA.

The man had been shot, his body wrapped in a tan comforter printed with jungle cats, with a plastic bag over his head, and rope tied around his neck and upper legs.


Found in shallow grave (partially exposed) in remote area of the desert. She was wrapped in a blanket


The victim was found in a black plastic trash bag in an alley at the rear of 6225 South San Pedro Street, South Central Los Angeles.

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