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On 11/20/04 the remains were found by a local resident who was walking on a remote ranch in the southern part of Boulevard.


Body was found in wooded area of Old Stagecoach road in resting position


Decedent was found in a creek in Hayward within some brush, mud, and debris that had floated downstream.


Body found off the canyon road and down a steep ravine and hidden by heavy brush.  Found fully dressed with no identification.  Head disfugured by shotgun injury.


These skeletal remains were reportedly dug up from a grave in the desert near Whitewater (Riverside County) by a chiropractor some time in 1986.  The remains were finally delivered to the San Bernardino County Coroner in November 1999.  Examination confirmed that the remains had been buried for years, but no other part of the story can be confirmed.  Identity can only be established by dental or head X-rays.  Thus far DNA profile cannot be developed.


The victim was located in a railroad boxcar in Fresno.


Disarticulated human skeleton found inside suitcase within residence belonging to the husband of the suspected decedent.


On 5/26/2003 a human skull was found by a resident walking a dog.  On 5/29/2003 additional remains, clothing and personal belongings were found nearby in a shallow grave apparently dug up by animals.  The deceased was a petite, adult female who  had at least one prior, full-term pregnancy during life.  She may have spent time prior to her death in the White Mountain area near Piute Creek or the Valentine Reserve Ecological Area.


On 9/29/2001 @ 0530 hours an explosian was heard at an abandoned residence @ 329 E. Louise St. in the city of Long Beach, CA. After firefighters had extingushed the blaze, the decedent was found on the floor of the residence.


Found off a freeway frontage road, fully dressed with no identification. Exhaustive investigation has been unable to establish her identity or contact family.


This man was riding a bicycle in Riverside when people in a passing vehicle struck him in the head with a pipe. He Died at hospital upon arrival. Exhaustive investigation has been unable to identify this person. It is believed he was a day worker from another country. No missing persons have been found no match him.


The decedent was located by a hiker in the open desert, exposed to the elements, near Desert Center, California on October 20, 1994.


The victim was located on a set of bleachers at Southside Park sports field in Sacramento, California on January 17, 1980 after an anonymous phone call to police. He had been shot at close range just prior to his discovery.

Workers at a Burger King restaurant inside the Greyhound Bus Station remembered the victim and recalled he claimed to have recently come to the area from Los Angeles.


The decedent was found unresponsive in a motel room @ the Nutel Motel 1906 W. Third St. room #165 in Los Angeles.


On January 27, 1981, this unidentified female was found deceased in the vicinity of Torrey Canyon Road and Guiberson Road, near the city of Santa Paula, California. She was estimated to be between 18 and 24 years of age, and is believed to have died within days of her discovery. The decedent was wearing a red, green, yellow, blue and white plaid shirt over a blue tank top. She also wore a gray knit skirt with black and maroon stripes and blue strappy sandals. Her fingernails and toenails were painted with opalescent enamel. She wore a yellow metal band ring, a yellow metal ring with a clear stone, a yellow metal chain necklace with a cross, and yellow metal stud earrings. The image at left is a computer-assisted composite to provide an approximation of what the victim may have looked like in life.


The victim was located in Los Angeles County, California on January 26, 1980 at approx. 13.00 in a river bed, north of Magic Mountain Parkway west of the Old Road.


On 1/26/1980 the decedent's skeletal remains were found in a river bed in Valencia, CA

Patricia Gomez, 12/26/1979 - Marin CA
Rebecca Dunn, 05/10/1979 - Clark NV
Andrea Hall - 07/08/1979, Los Angeles, CA


Jane Doe was located in the 16300 block of Burbank Boulevard in an isolated area of the Sepulveda flood control basin in Van Nuys. She had been strangled.

Hazel Klug, 05/20/1986 - Henrico, VA
Patricia Schmidt, 06/04/1985 - Henrico VA


Victim's skull was found by a hiker in a desert area, near Interstate 10, northwest of Benson, half mile northwest of Denny's, west of Ocotillo Road and I-10.

Mary Brubaker, 12/01/1996 - Boulder, CO
Dana Becker, 07/18/2000 - Maricopa, AZ
Lina Borges, 03/21/1984 - Santa Cruz, CA
Nancy Dennis, 07/04/2004 - Greenlee, AZ
Gail Anderson, 10/23/2004 - Stephens, OK

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