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The nearly complete skeletal remains of a White male adult were found in a rock quarry in the city of Upland, CA.  The remains were estimated to have been at this location between 2 and 6 months.  Age 27 to 66, about 5'8".  Identity can only be established by dental X-rays or DNA.


Remains were found of a badly decomposed white female approximately 30 feet from Highway 5.


This is a purged medical examiner case from South Carolina.  The ME gave it to an anthropologist in 1992.  Upon retirement, the anthropologist gave it to the county of origin, which was Chaleston County.  We do not have any law enforcement or autopsy information or the anthropological report, so we therefore do not know when the ME originally got the case, date or year of death, or the original condition to estimate postmortem interval.


On 01/24/89, the skeletal remains of an unidentified white male decedent were found near an orange grove off Curley Rd in San Antonio, Florida (Pasco County).  The presence of gun shot injuries suggest that the decedent was a victim of homicidal violence.  The decedent's clothing, personal property, dentures/ dental plates, tattoos and full DNA profile provide comprehensive details to aid positive identification.  These relevant case images can be reviewed in the image section of this profile.  Though it has not been verified, the decedents clothing and tattoos indicate the decedent rode motorcycles or was possible affiliated with a motorcycle gang.


Unidentified victim was found murdered in the vicinity of 198 Bruno Street in Daly City, CA. She is believed to have been forced to take an overdose of prescription drugs and then strangled.


VICTIM ONE: A Caucasian male aged 24-46

VICTIM TWO: A Caucasian male aged 24-40

According to news reports, there is a possibility of a third victim who could possibly be a female however this has not been confirmed.


Skeletal remains of an unidentified man were discovered on May 27, 2001 by a group of local kids were playing in a reserve on Meredith Crescent, St Helens Park. It is believed the unidentified man died between man died between 1980 and 1985 and was of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent.


On the former parking lot "De Heul" located along the A12 in Maarsbergen, the remains of a woman were found. The hair is approximately 50 cm long. She has great teeth. This reconstruction has been made of the head.


Teteringen Girl was a female discovered on Christmas Day in 1990. The victim was bound and held captive until she starved to death and is believed to have been living in or near Anverst, Belgium. She is possibly originally native to Morocco.


The woman's remains were discovered in a garbage container floating in the Gaasp river near Driemond in the vicinity of Amsterdam.


On September 6th body parts were found in a suitcase and on the quay of the Lauriergracht en Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. The woman is between 160m and 170m, shoe size 37/37,5 has a normal to put figure and is between 25 and 45 years old. She has wavy dark blond dyed hair laying on the shoulders. The scars on the abdomen may indicate at a cesarean section. The uterus is removed.


On January 16, 1998 the body of an unknown woman was found at the Jacob van Lennep kade in Amsterdam. The white woman was 1,62 cm long, green eyes and long dark hair, probably dyed. The woman had eczema and a lot of warts on both knees.


The victim was located on June 2, 1997 in wooded area in Altena-Bergfeld, Germany. She was ****. She had been ****, strangled and later doused with fuel and set on fire. The perpetrator made all efforts to remove any possible means of identification. Post-mortem exams showed that it is almost 100 % certain that the crime was committed by a member of the victim´s family.


Unidentified White Female

The victim was discovered on July 4, 1994 near Lourdes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France.
Charred body

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 18 - 30 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 160 cm
Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair; brown eyes. She had had plastic surgery on her nose .
Dentals: Available she had crowns on her lower incisors.
Clothing: Shoe Size, 38, European size
Other: Probably from a foreign country


Hikers found the victim's remains in Banff National Park about 330 meters off the Trans-Canada Highway.


On May 3, 1975, the remains of a female were found in the Nation River near a bridge crossing Highway 417 in Casselman, Ontario. She has dyed reddish blonde hair that was naturally dark brown. Her finger and toe nails had red nail polish on them. She may have been a smoker. The cause of death was strangulation. A piece of television coaxial cable was found around her neck. A curtain rod runner (plastic wheel) was found in her left armpit. Her hands and feet were tied with men's neckties, one of which is called "The Canadian Tie". Her remains may have been in the water for some days to some months.


On July 16, 1980, the skeletal remains of this Caucasian, adult male were found in a bush area on the east side of the 11th Concession, 1km north of Steeles Avenue in Markham. This male is believed to be between the ages of 30 to 50 years. His living height is estimated to be between 5'1"-5'5". Dark staining of his posterior teeth suggest that he may have been a smoker. Found in the vicinity of the remains were some clothing and effects, which may or may not be associated with the deceased. The clothing found included a pair of "Brittania" women's jeans (waist 30 inches, inseam 29 inches); a pair of white, ribbed socks; and a pair of red and pink high-heeled shoes. A compact containing powder and mirror was also found nearby. This male was believed to have been dead for 6 months to five years.


The victim's skeletal remains were found by a man harvesting dogwood plants in a marshy field near South Service Road and Holt Road near the entrance to the Darlington Nuclear Plant in Bowmanville, Ontario.


On March 1, 1991, a man was found in Parc Louisbourg in the Cartierville area of Montreal. The man was disfigured and his two hands cut off. The body was found completely naked. An artist has redone his face.


This man was the victim of a vicious attack and was found in a septic tank outside of a house in the Tofield, Alberta area. It is suspected that he was a labourer and was likely not from Alberta.

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