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This woman was found deceased in a ditch at 4300 East Williams Field Rd, in the desert south of Ahwatukee. Her race was initially unknown until DNA phenotyping performed by the Parabon Nanolabs confirmed she was of mostly Native and Central American descent.

Peggy Elgo, 01/01/1983
Mary Opitz, 01/16/1981
Amy Yachimec, 11/06/1981
Kristina Perkins, 09/10/1975
Linda Jackson, 05/03/1983
Leslie Marty, 07/30/1983
Pamela Neal, 03/31/1983
Theresa Geaves, 08/11/1983


Decedent found burned within a trash-filled cistern in desert.  She was wearing distinctive jewelry, including a medallion with the inscription " B-STER "

Phyllis Brewer, 06/13/1981
Cynthia Leslie, 07/31/1974
Kristina Perkins, 09/10/1975


On March 29, 1986 children attending a birthday party at the residence in Marbury, Alabama, discovered the skeletal remains in what was known as a root cellar (storm shelter type).


The victim was found on a beach in Dauphin Island, Alabama September 14, 1999. He possibly fell off a boat. Only a skull and some bones were located.


Bones found by two individuals canoeing the Bald Head Creek and noticed bones on the bank.  After further search by law enforcement, several long bones, ribs, and a skull were found.


Tractor trailer accident, was occupant in truck.


 A passerby found the decedent's skeletal remains in a wooded area near the intersection of CE King Highway and East Mount Houston Road in Harris County, Texas.


Subject was found deceased due to gunshot wounds on 02/09/1968 in Los Angeles, California


A female homicide victim was found in Tilden Park, Contra Costa County on August 23, 1975.  The victim had been killed by blunt force injury to the head.  Pathological investgation revealed she had been dead four to seven days prior to discovery.


Circumstances of Discovery: A hiker discovered the partial skeletal remains of a child 300 yards up a steep and heavily wooded gully west of Kings Mountain Road about 1/4 mile south of the Huddart Park entrance.

The discovery was made between October 13-19, 1975, but the remains were not recovered until October 20th. It is believed that the remains were dumped at the site. He may have been part of a migrant family working the circuit of seasonal harvests.


Jane Doe was found lying in a field in Howard County on July 15, 1971.  She later died on September 7, 1971.


Jane Doe was found in a hotel room on 539 7th Street in Oakland, California beaten and strangled.


 Two hunters found the woman's naked body floating in the water Oct. 22, 1975 at a tributary in Mud Creek four miles south and East of Oak Harbor, OH.


 Body of decomposed white female discovered in an adandoned house located in Lincoln, Talladega County, Alabama.


In April 1997, the body of a white male was found in rural Marshall County Alabama (off Eagle Point Road).

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