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 The deceased was a Caucausian, female approximately 30-45 years old with light colored hair.  She was found inside a refrigerator in an irrigation ditch along Bacon Island Road in Stockton, California.


The body of a newborn baby girl was located in a wooded area of southwest Valley City.  She was found in leaves and underbrush, and believed to have been left there within 24 hours of the time she was found.


A Human skull was found along the banks of the Delaware River near Morrisville, PA. The skull was taken to Buckingham Township Police. The gender and age range of the skull of unknown.


Partially buried skull and other skeletal remains found at a residential construction site at Leisure Run Road in North Mahoning Township, northern Indiana County. Partially wooded area. Most of skeleton located except for bones of hands and feet. She apparently had been shot in the back of her head and had been dismembered. Long bones show clear evidence of post-mortem saw marks


The remains of this unknown female were found on Tuesday, June 28, 1999 in the basement of 604 North Avenue in Wilkinsburg.  The new owner of the house had started renovations and wanted things removed from the basement.  The basement door was found to have been nailed shut from the inside.  When the nails were removed and the door opened, the Unknown black female's body was found at the base of the storm door stairs. The house had been empty and abandoned for about a year prior to the remains being found.


Goes by the name "Pete". Decedent was beaten, shot, and set on fire in a drug house on Crittenden St by members of the "Mark Anthony Brown Drug Organization"  Sources stated that Pete is from New York.


The decedent's headless body was found in the Poquessing Creek behind the Franklin Mills Mall by teenagers fishing.


Skeletal remains are found in a black plastic trash bag inside a vacant lot near Tusculum St. in the Kensington Section of Philadelphia. The remains are mixed in with soil and appear to have been dug up from another area and dumped. The head and small bones of the feet are missing. Some clothing and jewelry were also discovered within the bag. Also found were four red acrylic fingernails.


The victim was located lying in the grass at Fairmount Park with two gunshot wounds to the head.


The victim was located on August 28, 1991, stabbed and partially buried, in South Ozone Park, NY. The body, clad in just a T-shirt and panties, was stuffed in a garbage bag and partially buried in a small wooded area at Lefferts Boulevard and South Conduit Avenue, near Kennedy Airport.

She had been stabbed in the chest several times. She had not been sexually assaulted, and the absence of tattoos on her body and narcotics in her system indicates she probably was not a prostitute or a drug addict. She may be a runaway with ties to California.The owner of the toy shop handed the T-shirts out to customers between 1978 and 1981.


An unidentified male body was found lying naked along the shoreline of Lake Ontario, west of SUNY Oswego College,  in Oswego County by a person who walks the shoreline occasionally.


found in dense wooded area, bullet wound entering left temple area and exit in approximate area of right side


Partial skeletonized lower leg found on shoreline of Lake Ontario. DNA matches partially skeletonized lower arm found about one week earlier (case 07-0439) near Ford Drive. The leg was ssigned case number 07-0464 (this case). Items were found about 1/2 mile apart.


Witnesses report seeing two unknown males get out of black car and dump decedent on sidewalk before fleeing on foot.


unknown male found on Coney Island beach near Stillwell Avenue.


Unknown male individual found decomposed and tied up within garbage bags just outside the Bronx Zoo. No leads as to his identity.


Human skull found on the short of Lake Ontario near Lake Bluff Rd


The victim was located on Platte Clove Road in Hunter, New York on August 15, 2002.


Skeletalized remains of a human body were located approximately 400 feet into a wooded area at the end of Harvey Rd, Monticello, Town of Thompson.  Cause of death determined to be a self inflicted gunshot wound with the firearm recovered at the scene

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