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 Unknown undomiciled female found kneeling at park bench on northeast corner of east 23rd St and Avenue P.


Skeletal remains found in Accord, in the town of Rochester, on 09-23-1985.

Anthropological exam indicates this person could have been Caucasian/Hispanic or mixed ancestry and was at least 30 years old.


Lower jaw found on the beach at 21st Street, Avalon, NJ.


Found on the beach in Strathmere, Upper Township, NJ on August 22, 2003


The victim was found in a wooded area on the southbound berm of the New Jersey Turnpike in East Winsor, New Jersey.


Body found in a wooded area in Old Bridge Township, Middlesex County, NJ, off of Old Mill Road, west of Route 9. The victim had his hands bound behind him and had suffered several gunshot wounds to the head. There was no identification on the body.


Subject found trapped in a chimney.  He likely went into the chimney between the spring of 1983 and the fall of 1983.


The victim was found near a guard rail along the northbound lane of the Baltimore Washington Parkway, approximately a half mile south of Interstate 95 and Interstate 495 exit ramp. He was wrapped in a blue blanket.


James Foster 07/30/1980


Subject found in alley behind the above address on the evening of 6/15/1987 and died the following day at South Baltimore General Hospital (now Harbor Hospital Center).  She had been in a car with someone else who left her at the above address and drove off.


The victim was found on the side of Enders Road in Enders State Forest.


The skeletal remains of an unidentified African American male between the ages of 18-21 was found deceased by children playing at rear of 4954 East 81st Street.

In his right sneaker was a note that read:

"For Daddy
We can't wait to see you!
Love Cynthia and Boo Boo
Miss You"


 UP checked into a hotel and was found deceased by hotel staff


On 07/26/1985 at 1936, two teenage boys were snorkeling in the Wolf River near 409 First Street in Winneconne WI, looking for glass bottles and found a human skull. They immediately contacted law enforcement and turned it in.  A 60' x 35' grid search (in the river) was completed by the WISO dive team and no other remains were found.  In viewing the original reports we are unable to find any information, which determines the identity of the remains.

Bonnie Repinski 08/12/1975
Dona Bayerl 05/06/1979


Right femur bone recovered from Green Bay in Marinette, WI.  It was estimated that the bone had been in the water for at least 10 yea

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