Author Topic: NORTH PARSONSFIELD JOHN DOE, M, 40-50, found in York County, ME - 9 May 1964  (Read 82 times)


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NamUs UP # 15957

ME/C Case Number: 1964-2302
York County, Maine
40 to 50 year old Male

Case Report - NamUs UP # 15957
Case Information
Status Unidentified
Case number 1964-2302
Date found May 09, 1964 12:00
Date created October 28, 2016 09:07
Date last modified November 21, 2016 07:55
Investigating agency
date QA reviewed

Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
Agency Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Phone 207-624-7185
Case Manager
Name Lindsey Chasteen
Phone 207-624-7188

Estimated age Adult - Pre 50
Minimum age 40 years
Maximum age 50 years
Race Unsure
Sex Male
Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
Height (inches) 68, Estimated
Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
One or more limbs not recovered
One or both hands not recovered
Body conditions
Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only
Probable year of death 1956 to 1958
Estimated postmortem interval 6 Years

Location Found
GPS coordinates
Address 1 Leavitt Plantation Road
Address 2
City North Parsonsfield
State Maine
Zip code
County York
A skull and several other bones were found in a shallow grave along the side of a dirt road in North Parsonsfield, Maine by people digging for bottles.

Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

Clothing with body
Fragment of dark blue to black, heavy, course material resembling cotton and probably from a coat.

Other items found
with body

Fragment of fabric that shows a pattern and resembles upholstery.

Status: Dental information / charting is currently not available

Status: Sample is currently not available

There are currently no images available for this case.