Author Topic: POPES ISLAND JANE DOE: WF, 30-45, found in the harbor at New Bedford, MA - 30 October 1996 *GRAPHIC*  (Read 206 times)


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Popes Island Jane Doe

In New Bedford, Bristol County, Massachusetts, the body of a woman between thirty and forty-five years old was recovered from the Popes Island marina on October 30, 1996. The victim was placed in two garbage bags and then wrapped in a white and teal-colored blanket. She suffered a blow to the head and was shot twelve times. By examining the condition of her body, she had been deceased for less than two days and was in the water for less than a day. She was five feet two inches tall and around 127 pounds, with naturally light brown hair (which was dyed strawberry blond) and had brown eyes. She wore a yellow shirt, a white pullover with rectangular shapes and high heeled boots. She wore a gold ring with an emerald stone that experts say comes from Belarus, a part of the old Soviet Union. She had dental work that is believed to have been performed outside of the country. However, one root canal had been done inside of the United States. The woman did not shave under her arms or shave her legs, also indicating she was European. Because of the lack of identification and fingerprint matches, she may have come to America illegally.