Author Topic: NEW BRIGHTON JANE DOE: NF, 25-50, found at Long Lake Regional Park - 15 September 2000  (Read 246 times)


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Investigators Reopen Decade Old Unsolved Case

On the 10-year anniversary of when New Brighton Police found a badly decomposed body in Long Lake Regional Park, investigators are reopening the case, hoping to find new clues.

Jennifer and Nathan Leach remember September 15th, 2000 when they stumbled across a decomposed body in a swampy area of Long Lake Regional Park at 1500 Old Highway 8 NW.

Jennifer said she hoped it was a dead animal and couldn't believe it was an unclothed woman. She said every year on this day, since 2000, she and Nathan think about someone who has a mother, sister or friend that is missing.

Investigators say they believe the victim, an unidentified woman approximately 35 to 45-years-old, died of homicidal violence.

Investigators with the New Brighton Department of Public Safety now need your help to determine what happened in this 10-year-old unsolved case.

Investigators created a facial reconstruction, which shows what the victim might have looked like.

You can see from the picture that the victim is a white female and it's believed she had brown or reddish colored hair. Investigators say she had a left upper tooth missing that would have been visible when she smiled.

If you have any information about this case, you're asked to call the New Brighton Department of Public Safety at: 651-288-4100.

You can also leave an anonymous tip at: 651-288-4137 or online by clicking