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NEW SCANDIA JANE DOE: WF, 30-65, found dismembered in Washington County, MN - 12 June 1993

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The victim's head was found at 238th St. near Bone Lake. Her left foot was recovered from the North side of the Mississippi River at 935 Childs Rd. N., in St. Paul.


NamUs UP # 7308

ME/C Case Number: 93-638
Washington County, Minnesota
30 to 65 year old White Female

Case Report - NamUs UP # 7308
Case Information
Status Unidentified
Case number 93-638
Date found June 12, 1993 00:00
Date created June 22, 2010 10:49
Date last modified February 22, 2017 08:27
Investigating agency
date QA reviewed June 21, 2011 14:51

Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
Agency Ramsey County ME Office
Phone 651-266-1700
Case Manager
Name Butch Huston
Phone 651.266.1700

Estimated age Adult - Pre 70
Minimum age 30 years
Maximum age 65 years
Race White
Ethnicity Other
Sex Female
Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
Height (inches) , Cannot Estimate
Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
Head not recovered
One or more limbs not recovered
Body conditions
Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction
Probable year of death 1993 to 1993
Estimated postmortem interval Days

Location Found
GPS coordinates
Address 1 238th St (Shore of Bone Lake)
Address 2
City New Scandia Twp
State Minnesota
Zip code
County Washington
Above address for location of head.
Left foot recovered from the North side of the Mississippi River 935 Childs Rd. N., St. Paul, Minnesota.

Hair color Brown
Head hair
Dark brown to black, possibly in a "spiked" pattern

Left eye color Brown
Right eye color Brown

both ears pierced

Finger and toe nails
small amount of red nail polish on nails of the 4-5th toe nails

No clothing or accessories

Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered

Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete


Washington County Jane Doe

In Scandia, Washington County, Minnesota, the severed head of an adult white woman was discovered on June 12, 1993, on the shore of Bone Lake. The woman had a short, dark hair, which may have been spiked when she was alive and she also had a short ponytail at the back of her head. The victim had brown eyes and likely wore earrings, as both of her ears were pierced three times. Soon after the head was discovered, a left foot was found in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was twenty miles away. Both cuts made to sever her head and foot had been made cleanly, possibly due to the killer having experience with butchering or hunting. Her remains may have been disposed of in the Mississippi river, as both locations where the parts were found are linked to the river. Medical examiners believe that the foot had belonged to the woman. The foot itself had fragments of red nail polish. Her age has been disputed, with some describing her to be as young as twenty. Others say she may have been as old as sixty-five.


The Doe Network:
Case File 123UFMN

Unidentified White Female
The victim was discovered on June 12, 1993 in rural Washington County, Minnesota
Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 20-30 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: .
Distinguishing Characteristics: Short dark brown or black hair, spiked on top with a small pigtail in back.; brown eyes. Small amount of red nail polish on nails of the 4-5th toe nails.
Marks, Scars: Each earlobe had three holes pierced for earrings.
Dentals: Available
DNA: Available
Case History
The victim was located in rural Washington County on the shores of Bone Lake on June 12, 1993.
Shortly after the head was found in Bone Lake in New Scandia Township, a left foot was found about 20 miles away on a Mississippi River bank near Pig's Eye Lake in St. Paul. The Washington County medical examiner believed that the foot and head belonged to the same woman, partly because they were both cut cleanly.

Authorities have sent the woman's description, including descriptions of her dental work, to the National Crime Information Center and every police department in the five-state area.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Agency Case Number:

Source Information:
Star Tribune 7/8/93

Foot found in river may be linked to head from lake

Star Tribune: Newspaper of the Twin Cities - Wednesday, June 16, 1993
Author: Conrad deFiebre; Staff Writer

A human foot found in the Mississippi River has been tentatively linked to the head of a woman discovered more than 20 miles away, but authorities said Tuesday that they were no closer to learning the victim's identity or how she died.

Washington County deputies again searched around Bone Lake , where the head was found Saturday, and planned to make an aerial search, as well. But nothing else has been found, and sheriff's Capt. David Heuer said he doubted that the woman was killed near the lake , in New Scandia Township.

"It could have happened out of state and somebody transported her up here," he said.

Authorities yesterday released an artist's drawing of the victim, described as a white woman in her 20s or 30s, with brown eyes and dark brown to black hair in a short, multilayered style, "spiked" on top with a small pigtail in back. Three holes were pierced in each ear.

Investigators are seeking to match the victim with reports of missing women, but there are "hundreds to thousands" of them nationally, said Dr. Michael McGee, the Washington County medical examiner. "We desperately need to find out who this young lady is," he said. Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office at 439-9381 or the medical examiner's office at 224-7627.

Investigators already have received many phone tips, Heuer said. Most callers have named missing women, and all have been ruled out so far.

Investigators also have determined that this case is unrelated to a headless torso recently discovered in Litchfield, Mo., Heuer said.

The left foot , found Monday evening on the east bank of the Mississippi near Pig's Eye Lake in St. Paul, was severed just above the ankle, McGee said. He estimated it as size 9 and added that not enough of the body has been recovered to determine the height or weight of the victim.

Authorities cannot be sure the head and foot are from the same person, but they believe they are because the foot appears to be that of a young white woman.

In addition, both the head and foot were severed very cleanly, possibly with the same sharp instruments, Heuer said.

St. Paul police and the Ramsey County sheriff's water patrol searched the area along Childs Rd. where the foot washed up, but found no other evidence.


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