Author Topic: RED WING JAMIE INFANT DOE: WF, newborn, found in Goodhue County, MN - 4 November 1999  (Read 249 times)


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NamUs UP # 4795

ME/C Case Number: GC99-158
Goodhue County, Minnesota
0 to 1 year old White Female

Case Report - NamUs UP # 4795
Case Information

Status Unidentified
Case number GC99-158
Date found November 04, 1999 13:13
Date created February 09, 2009 11:29
Date last modified February 22, 2017 08:25
Investigating agency
date QA reviewed June 20, 2011 21:26

Local Contact (ME/C or Other)
Agency Southern Minnesota Regional ME Office
Phone 507-284-2121
Case Manager
Name Lindsey Thomas
Phone 612-215-6334

Estimated age Infant
Minimum age 0 years
Maximum age 1 years
Race White
Sex Female
Weight (pounds) 6, Estimated
Height (inches) 21, Measured
Body Parts Inventory (Check all that apply)
All parts recovered
Body conditions
Recognizable face
Probable year of death 1999 to 1999

Location Found
GPS coordinates
Address 1 10 yards North of Levee Dr
Address 2
City Red Wing
State Minnesota
Zip code 55066
County Goodhue
A full term infant with umbilical cord still attached was found 10 yds north of the Mississippi shore near 800 Levee Dr, Redwing MN. The body showed slight signs of decomposition upon discovery. The infant had not been in the water for long. The race of the decedent is most likely white. This infant is genetically related maternally to the decedent in case# GC03-127.

Hair color Brown
Head hair
Straight, brown hair

Left eye color
Right eye color
Eye description
Irides are dark in color

No other distinctive body features

Other distinctive
physical characteristics
Feet are 8 cm in length.

Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

Other items found
with body
The body was wrapped in a towel

Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered

Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete