Author Topic: CLAY COUNTY JANE DOE: AF, 17-25, found in Clay County, MO - 18 April 1985  (Read 271 times)


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Unidentified woman shot several times in the head in 1985, may be named ‘Darlene’

Posted 12:37 pm, July 20, 2017, by Michelle Pekarsky,

MISSOURI CITY, Mo. -- Investigators believe they could be getting closer to identifying a woman found dead in 1985 in Clay County, Mo., and they're appealing to the public for additional information to help confirm a tip provided to them by a caller.

In 1985, the African-American young woman was found dead in a field near Boyer Road and 210-Highway, east of Missouri City. She was murdered by several gunshots to the head. For 32 years she has only been identified as 'Jane Doe.'

Then, in October 2016, after Clay County released an updated drawing and described her race and age, the Crime Stoppers hotline received a call from someone who said he/she knew Jane Doe. He/she said they believed 'Jane Doe' was someone named 'Darlene'.

The caller further stated that 'Jane Doe' may have had two children and lived in Kansas City, Kan. The tipster said they'd occasionally ride back and forth to work together. The caller said he/she worked with Darlene at an envelope company in the Northland.

If you have information, the detectives of Clay County Sheriff's Department and Cold Case Homicide Squad 'seek your assistance in solving this brutal death,' the news release said.

"If you have any information no matter how trivial to please, call Crime Stoppers at 816-474-8477 (TIPS) or the Clay County Sheriff Dept. Cold Case Homicide Unit at 816-407-3700.