Author Topic: CLAY COUNTY JANE DOE: AF, 17-25, found in Clay County, MO - 18 April 1985  (Read 271 times)


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Detectives intensify efforts to solve 1985 cold case
Remains of woman found in field still unidentified

Updated: 6:46 AM CDT Mar 18, 2015


Almost 30 years after a woman's remains were found in a rural Clay County field, the case is getting a new look.

Cold case detectives said they're making identifying the woman and solving the case their top priority.

"We're fairly confident that as we continue to work on this case, additional information will be obtained and we can become closer to a resolution," said Detective Shane O'Roark of the Clay County Cold Case Squad.

The unidentifiable partial remains were found in a field near Highway 210 and Boyer Road in 1985. A comb was also found at the scene, which remains as it did three decades ago.

Detectives have made a computer composite based on the woman's skull to suggest what she might have looked like. They said they believe she was in her early 20s, but they're not sure how or when she died.

Detectives have also sent the DNA evidence they found in 1985 to the University of North Texas Forensic Department in hopes that experts there will be able to turn up new information.

Investigators said they're hoping that the new attention to the case will trigger someone to call with helpful tips. Anyone with information about who the woman was and what happened to her is asked to call the Clay County Sheriff's Office.