Author Topic: HANNIBAL JANE DOE: HF, 39-40, found in the Mississippi River - 15 September 2013  (Read 284 times)


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Cold Case Update: New information released in attempt to identify Marion County Jane Doe


On Sunday, September 15, 2013, the body of an unknown female was discovered in the Mississippi River just south of Hannibal.

The body was clad in an XL pink, purple, navy and yellow striped blouse and size 13/14 Ariya brand jeans.

She appeared to be in her 30's, had dark brown or black hair, and was about 5' 3" and 135 pounds.

Authorities believe she was Hispanic.

The female was also in possession of the ring pictured above.

(See our original report where we talked to witnesses and Marion County Sheriff on what's been done in the investigation)

The female was seen by witnesses on September 8th at the Mark Twain Cave & Gift Shop and was seen with an unknown white male and white female.

The unknown male is described as being very tall, tan, with blonde hair, wearing an orange "Iowa Rodeo" cutoff t-shirt, shorts, and work boots.

The unknown female is described as being short, approximately 18-22 years old, with short blonde hair with streaks, and wearing a yellow shirt (or tank top) and grey shorts with yellow trim.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office along with the Missouri State Highway Patrol is releasing this new information in an effort to attempt to identify the female discovered in the river and are asking the following:

* Families of missing persons who believe the person is the Jane Doe, please submit DNA samples to the Agency that took the original missing person’s report.

* Families to file a missing person’s report for those they think might be the Jane Doe, whom they have not had contact with since late 2013 or before.

* Include as much information they can (scars, marks, tattoos, photos, associates, financial information, dental records, DNA samples etc.).

* Anyone who was at the Mark Twain Cave, the gift shop located at the cave and/or The Mark Twain Dinette who paid with cash, please come forward with any information you may have (photos etc.).

* Anyone who may have seen those individuals in the Hannibal area to please come forward with any information.

Please contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office (573-769-2077) or the Missouri State Highway Patrol (660-385-2132) if you have any information or questions regarding this case.