Author Topic: HANNIBAL JANE DOE: HF, 39-40, found in the Mississippi River - 15 September 2013  (Read 284 times)


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KHQA spoke with two women who swear they saw the victim alive at the Mark Twain Cave the Sunday before her body was found.

The women didn't want to be identified or go on camera, but they believe the man Jane Doe was with that day had something to do with her death.

They described him as a tall white man with sun blonde hair and a deep tan.

The witnesses said he was with the victim and another woman in the Mark Twain Cave gift shop. They told KHQA the three did not act like anything was wrong and went through the cave. The victim even bought two rings from this gift shop.

Mark Twain Cave

Hannibal, MO - Mark Twain cave - where Tom Sawyer once played