Author Topic: NETHERLANDS JANE DOE [1976]: WF, 13-15 - Found murdered in Maarsbergen - Oct 24, 1976  (Read 188 times)


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[size=16]Who is the Heul girl?[/size]

What are we actually talking about today? Every day we highlight a topic of conversation that you and your colleagues can talk about. Because that complaining about the boss and the weather of course sometimes gets bored. The suggestion for today: the 'Heulgirl'. In 1976 the naked, lifeless body of a young girl was found near parking lot De Heul near Maarsbergen. Her identity has never been established. Through a major DNA kinship investigation, the police want to find out their true identity.

The Dutch police - together with their German colleagues - make every effort to discover the true identity of the (possibly German) 'Heulgirl' . With a DNA kinship investigation , the DNA of the murdered girl found in 1976 will be put to the test: DNA in databases in the Netherlands and Germany will be examined for a 'match'. This extensive investigation does not require the submission of DNA by individuals, as was the case, for example, in the investigation into the murder of Marianne Vaatstra . After almost forty years it seems like a last attempt. An attempt that hopefully (and finally) will pay off.

Pit covered with leaves
Between 13.5 and 15 years

She spoke German
The police do not feel completely in the dark, therefore. For example, after isotope research it appears that the girl was probably from the Eifel, a region south of the German Ruhr area . It is also known that she had a very one-sided diet. This could indicate a poor existence, but it could also mean that the girl was held for a longer period - possibly after a kidnap. There are also tips: a taxi driver hears a drowned passenger claiming to be the girl from the German city of Essencoming. In addition, a man stated to have given the girl a lift to De Heul with another man. The girl is said to have spoken German during this ride. Another important tip states that the perpetrators are two men between 30 and 40 years old . In addition, many people would know who is responsible for the girl's death, the informant said . In the Netherlands, the case has since become time- barred . Not yet in Germany.

Investigation Wanted
Investigation Wanted - and similar German programs - has repeatedly paid attention to the horrible and sad thing. This has led to dozens of tips, but the golden tip was missing. View here an item from Opsporing Verzocht from 2013 about the case.