Author Topic: PHILADELPHIA JANE DOE (1968): WF, 30-60, found in Schuylkill River by oil refinery - 20 March 1968  (Read 482 times)


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On the north side of the Platt Bridge (Penrose Avenue) there were mountains and acres of scrap metal and broken automobiles.

South Philly scrap heap moving to Camden
by Linda Loyd, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER, Posted: April 1, 2012

Camden Iron & Metal and its heap of crushed scrap at the foot of the Platt Memorial Bridge near the airport are moving to Camden, along with 175 jobs and the promise of 50 hires.

The unsightly junkyard of crushed cars and washing machines that is synonymous with 26th Street and Penrose Avenue - the gateway to Philadelphia for millions of visitors - will disappear after the scrap recycler installs, by the end of this year, a modern new shredder at Atlantic and Front Streets in Camden.

Now, all the scrap gets crushed in South Philadelphia and trucked to Camden, where a million tons a year goes out of Beckett Street Terminal.

After trying since 2005 to consolidate its operations in Philadelphia - and even buying for $13.2 million the 44-acre vacant Foamex Industrial Inc. in Eddystone - the company, which began in Camden in 1929, is going back to its roots.