Author Topic: BLOCK ISLAND JOHN DOE (January, 1992): WM, 21-26, recovered by a fishing vessel - 11 January 1992  (Read 145 times)


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Case Information
Case Numbers

NCMEC Number
ME/C Case Number

Race / Ethnicity
White / Caucasian

Estimated Age Group
Late Teen/Young Adult
Estimated Age Range (Years)
Estimated Year of Death
Estimated PMI
5' 8"(68 inches) , Estimated
Cannot Estimate

Unidentified Deceased
Date Body Found
January 11, 1992
NamUs Case Created
July 3, 2014
ME/C QA Reviewed
Location Found Map
Block Island, Rhode Island
Washington County
GPS Coordinates (Not Mapped)
Circumstances of Recovery
Remains were received by the Newport PD on 01/14/1992. Recovered by a fishing vessel in the Atlantic Ocean south of Block Island. Possible trauma to shoulder joint as well as healed rib fractures.
Details of Recovery
Inventory of Remains
Torso not recovered
One or more limbs not recovered
One or both hands not recovered
Condition of Remains
Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only

Physical Description
Hair Color
Head Hair Description
Body Hair Description
Light brown curly body hair.
Facial Hair Description
Left Eye Color
Right Eye Color
Eye Description
Distinctive Physical Features
No Information Entered

Clothing and Accessories
Accessories Bowlan knot tied with some nylon or plastic (?) rope. Near the Body
Clothing A red sweatshirt with hood, size small, manufacturer Russell Athletic. Design on the sweatshirt shows a lacrosse stick and the words "MANHASSET DAY OF CHAMPIONS IX".
Dark colored corduroy Lee Riders long pants size 29 X 32, with a United Garment Workers tag.
Portion of a knit navy blue sleeve, found inside the sleeve of a black hooded sweatshirt, size small, with zipper up the front.
Jumpsuit or coverall, size 42T. Tag says, "Shell = 100% cotton, Lining = 100% nylon, Interlining = 100% polyester." Outer shell is nearly completely gone but along with the remains portions are dark colored, hard woven fabric. The interlining is light colored and the lining is red and quilted. There are reinforced pockets in teh front, and snaps at the bottom of the pant legs.

Case Contributors
Carol Capron-Roby, Medicolegal Death Investigator
Rhode Island Office of Chief Medical Examiner
(401) 222-5500
Molly Rathbun, Public