Author Topic: SOUTH PADRE ISLAND JANE DOE: HF, 43-55, found in Cameron County, TX - 10 October 2012  (Read 68 times)


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Reconstruction of the South Padre Island Jane Doe

South Padre Island Jane Doe

The decomposed remains of a Hispanic woman were found on a beach, scavenged by coyotes, on October 10, 2012, in South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas. The victim's body was likely exposed due to changes with water levels on the beach. The woman was dead about one to several week(s) before the discovery. The sand above the body had been "covered with lime," possibly to speed decomposition or plant growth, likely as a way to prevent the body from being found or identified. Her height was estimated to be four feet ten to five feet two inches tall and her weight at about 95 to 120 pounds. She was middle-aged, at approximately forty-two to fifty-five at the time of death. One or more of the female's limbs were not found with the body, as they were likely carried away by animals. A distinctive feature about the female was that she had tattoos in place of makeup on her eyebrows, eyelids and lips. Her ears had also been pierced. She was clothed, wearing a dark top, multicolored shorts with star decorations and bikini underwear, along with a sanitary pad. The woman's death is considered to be due to foul play and a "suspicious" white-colored "powder" was found on the face region.[26] Since her discovery, a three-dimensional reconstruction and a sketch have also been created of the victim