Author Topic: SOUTH PADRE ISLAND JANE DOE: HF, 43-55, found in Cameron County, TX - 10 October 2012  (Read 68 times)


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Cameron County Jane Doe

Cameron County Jane Doe was a middle-age woman found murdered in 2012.

On October 10, 2012, a man walking on the north end of South Padre Island near an access area to the local beach noticed some coyotes feasting on something in the dunes. Once the man reached the dunes, he stumbled across a partially unearthed makeshift grave containing the body of a woman. She had been covered in lime, a substance often used to try and accelerate the decomposition of a body, though in truth it only slows the decomposition process. Immediately, the man contacted the authorities and reported his gruesome discovery.

It was immediately suspected that the unidentified woman had fallen victim to foul play due to the manner of her burial and the presence of lime. Since her discovery, the authorities have not released information on how she was murdered nor any leads on a possible killer.

    Coarse black hair that went from straight to wavy and measured approximately 17 inches long.
    Pierced ears.
    Tattooed eyebrows.
    Her lips were tattooed red.

    'Paris Blues' brand darkly colored tank top (Size M).
    Shorts with a plaid pattern in blue, green, and white (Size L/G 10/12). They were labeled as part of a two-piece girls sleepwear set under the brand 'Komar Kids'.
    Red bikini underwear with the presence of a sanitary pad.