Author Topic: ADDISON COUNTY UNKNOWN DOE: W, 9-11, found with two others near an old logging road - 15 May 1935  (Read 213 times)


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Addison County victims

The skeletonized remains of three individuals, a female, a male child and a teenager, whose sex remains undetermined, were discovered in Middlebury, Vermont on May 15, 1935. Each victim was shot in the head one to three years before they were discovered. The adult female's DNA showed she may have been the mother of the teenage victim, but testing of the youngest victim was inconclusive. The female was estimated to be between thirty-five and forty-five, the middle victim at thirteen to fifteen and the youngest victim was nine to eleven. At the scene, feathers from a pillow, pearl buttons presumed to belong to pajamas and an awning were found along with the human remains. The oldest and youngest victims were reconstructed in 2015.