Author Topic: ANNANDALE JANE DOE: WF, 50-70, found in Pleasant Valley Cemetery - 18 December 1996 *GRAPHIC*  (Read 123 times)


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“This unidentified woman committed suicide on December 18, 1996. She left two 50$ bills one for the coroner and one for the cemetery with the same typed note:

Deceased by own hand…prefer no autopsy.

Please order cremation with funds provided.

Thank you, Jane Doe

She was located inside Pleasant Valley Memorial Park, a small cemetery in Annandale, Virginia. There was a clear plastic sheet on the ground. Next to the sheet was an 8″ Christmas tree, adorned with gold balls and red ribbons.

In addition to drinking brandy (she had a 0.14 blood-alcohol level) and swallowing Valium, the victim had two empty juice bottles and a new roll of masking tape in her knapsack.

She had no receipts in her pockets to enable police to trace her movements. She had a portable tape player, the headphones over her ears and had listened to a recording of comedians Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner doing their “2000 year old man” routine.

She had placed a plastic bag over her head and tied it off with tape. This made her suffocate.

The site she chose, Pleasant Valley, probably wouldn’t be known to a drifter. She lay down near the section of the cemetery where infants are buried, but not near any particular grave, and most of the stones nearby were fairly recent.”