Author Topic: ANNANDALE JANE DOE: WF, 50-70, found in Pleasant Valley Cemetery - 18 December 1996 *GRAPHIC*  (Read 123 times)


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The clothing description is not that of which the everyday normal person would wear.... this clothing is VERY expensive!!! I looked up Classiques Entier wool slacks and they are $188.00 , A Classiques Entier silk sleeveless top is $98.00.....I am thinking this woman had means , maybe a wife of a government official, or some other profession that makes real good money to afford clothing like this...
here is a site with the prices of the clothing:

Looked at the link on the clothing...this brand is exclusive to Nordstroms---the state of VA only has five stores in the state and NEW YORK has 4 Nordstrom stores...checked Washington, DC has none...The cities in Virginia with a Nordstroms are Dulles, McLean, Arlington, Richmond and Norfolk.

Nordstrum store distances from Annandale, where the uid was found...

1400 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA (2.37 miles away)

8075 Tysons Corner Ctr, Mc Lean, VA (7.64 miles

7111 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD (9.76 miles away

15760 Shady Grove Rd, Gaithersburg, MD (16.41 miles

45575 Dulles Eastern Plz, Sterling, VA (20.40 miles

2700 Potomac Mills Cir, Woodbridge, VA (20.52 miles