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The 2000 Year Old Man is a persona in a comedy skit, originally created by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner in 1961.

Mel Brooks played the oldest man in the world, interviewed by Carl Reiner in a series of comedy routines that appeared on television, as well as being made into a collection of records. In a Yiddish accent, Brooks would improvise answers to topics such as the earliest known language ("basic Rock"); manufacturing the Star of David ("I employed six men, see, each with a point. They would run together in the middle of the factory, and in the great speed, they would fuse, thus creating a star. I would make two a day, because of the many ACCidents"; manufacturing the cross ("It was simple. I didn't know then it was eloquent! Two men run together ... BANG! You got a cross! I could have fired four men!"), and Joan of Arc ("KNOW her? I WENT with her, dummy, I WENT with her!").

The inspiration for the skit was a tape-recorded exchange between Brooks and Reiner at a party that took place at Brooks' beachfront house in Lonelyville, on Fire Island.[citation needed] The tape recorder was brought into the mix shortly after the opening salvos, as the two comics soon had the party audience in stitches. In 1961, when the duo began doing the skit on television, Brooks had just undergone surgery for gout. Because of his post-surgical discomfort, Brooks quipped, "I feel like a 2000-year-old man," which led Reiner to begin questioning him about what it's like to be a 2000-year-old man and to describe history as Brooks saw it.

The 2000 Year Old Man
Genre Animated television special
Written by
Mel Brooks
Carl Reiner
Directed by Leo Salkin
Voices of
Mel Brooks
Carl Reiner
Theme music composer Mort Garson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Leo Salkin
Running time 30 min
Crossbow Productions
Acre Enterprises
Leo Salkin Films
Distributor CBS
Original network CBS
Original release January 11, 1975