Author Topic: ANNANDALE JANE DOE: WF, 50-70, found in Pleasant Valley Cemetery - 18 December 1996 *GRAPHIC*  (Read 123 times)


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The Mystery of The Annandale Cemetery. Virginia 1996.

On December 18, 1996 the remains of a woman were found in Pleasant Valley Memorial Park Cemetery, Annandale, Virginia. She was located near the section of the cemetery where infants are buried. The unidentified woman is described as a white female, about 60 years old, standing 5 feet tall with curly Red or Auburn colored hair. An autopsy reveled the woman had committed suicide by placing a plastic bag over her head and tying it off with masking tape. A toxicology report also revealed the unidentified woman had swallowed Valium and her blood alcohol level was .14%. She had a portable tape player, the headphones over her ears and was listening to a recording of comedians Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner doing their "2000 Year Old Man" routine. The woman left two 50$ bills one for the coroner and one for the cemetery with the same typed note: “Deceased by own hand...prefer no autopsy. Please order cremation with funds provided. Thank you, Jane Doe.” Click on the web links below, read the case file and if you have any information that can help solve, "The Mystery of The Annandale Cemetery," contact you local police.