Author Topic: LITTLETON WETZEL JANE DOE: WF, 30-40, found along US Route 250 in WV - 13 Feb 1983 - dentures  (Read 41 times)


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Authorities suggest that there were at least 8-11 victims of this killer, all found along highways and interstate roads, and all with red hair. Because of the locations of the bodies, it is believed that many, if not all, of the victims may have been involved in **** or were hitchhiking when they met their killer.

Wetzel County Jane Doe: Found on February 13, 1983 in Wetzel County, West Virginia along Route 250. She had been dead for approximately 2 days. Cause of death was undetermined, but she may have died of asphyxiation or strangulation. She was approximately 35-45 years of age, putting her at the high end of the victim age range. 5′6″, 135 lbs, with a c-section scar and a scar on her index finger. She was last seen alive in Wheeling, WV. A person of interest was sought having been seen near where her body was found: white, middle-aged male, 5′10″ and 185-200 lbs.