Author Topic: PABLO CRUZ: HM, 30-39, found in a field in Morgantown, WV - 20 October 2009  (Read 33 times)


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There is even less information to go on in the case of a suspected illegal immigrant found dead in a field off U.S. 19 in October 2009.A man clearing the property for hunting season came across the badly decomposed remains, which police estimated had been there for at least six weeks. People at the scene said the man, of Hispanic descent, appeared to have been hanged with a white T-shirt fashioned into a noose and strung from an old coal mining truck.More than a year and a half later, state police still don't know who the man is. A fake Georgia ID identified him as "Pablo Hernandez Cruz," but no one by that name was ever reported missing. Troopers believed the man in the photo was actually the deceased because of a common strong jaw line. Scientists from the Smithsonian studied the remains, but couldn't identify the man.State Police First Sgt. D.E. Johnson said it is difficult for officers not to be able find answers.