Author Topic: ALBANY COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 28-58, found in Fox Park, WY - 2 August 1999  (Read 290 times)


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Albany detective seeks ID of remains found in 1999
Associated Press

LARAMIE An Albany County sheriff's detective whose investigation identified a woman found dead in 2010 is trying to do the same for another woman whose remains were found in 1999.

The 2010 victim was identified this year as Rosella Lovell, a former Laramie resident, in part through a facial reconstruction. The circumstances of her death remain a mystery.

Sheriff's Cpl. Bill Meyer said identifying the 1999 victim has been more difficult.

Skeletal remains, two rings, athletic shoes and bits of clothing were found southwest of Laramie.

One of the rings is engraved with "M.S.S," the initials of a woman from Tennessee who has been missing since 1972. Meyer asked for a DNA comparison.