Author Topic: ALBANY COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 28-58, found in Fox Park, WY - 2 August 1999  (Read 290 times)


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Found Items of Lost People

With the hundreds of cases on this site alone, it is too easy to overlook some of the items, traits, or information that may help to identify him/her. As time goes on, I will be recalling some of the cases and pointing out some of the ‘clues’ that may help to solve the mystery of who this person might be.

WHO: Who is this person that we must identify?

This person is a 28 to 58 years old white female who stands about 5’2″ to 5’4″.with ‘blond, brown’ hair. Her dentals information revealed that she had gold fillings and may have worn braces.

WHAT: What was found with or on her?

She wore Bill Blass jeans (size 16) and Reeboks shoes (size 41 European 7.5 UK), US size 7). She also had a silver band engraved with “M.S.S.” and a silver-colored rope style ring with two clear teardrop-shaped stones.

WHEN: When was she discovered?

She was discovered on August 2, 1999 with her date of death believed to be between the years 1989 to 1999. (VICAP has found date as being 8-01-1999).

WHERE: Where was her body/remains located?

The victim’s partial skeletal remains were located in Fox Park, Albany County, Wyoming. It appears that the bones had been at the location for a long period of time.

HOW: How was her body located and the condition of the body?

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office recovered skeleton remains in a wooded area near Fox Park, Wyoming. The remains had been there from 2 to 10 years. The remains were not recognizable and were partial skeletal parts only Torso, one or more limbs, and one or both hands not recovered.

.For more information, please click here.


1) Seems like we are looking for someone who was mid-aged when they went missing within the years 1989 to ’99.

2) Gold fillings and may have worn braces – C’mon you detectives – here’s a great clue!

2) Of interest here is the European and UK sizing. Could these jeans be from overseas? Also, size 16 jeans suggests someone a bit ‘heavy’ rather than lean! (No offense intended).

3) Probably the most interesting clue is the silver band engraved with “M.S.S.”. Could be her name or the name of a ‘significant other’?

4) At this point, I would be looking ‘across the pond’ for a missing mid-aged woman who went missing anytime between 1989 and 1997. Might also help to look at women with the last name beginning with S and, with good luck, a first name beginning with letter M. She could have immigrated earlier and maybe her ‘gold fillings’ will not be mentioned. However, do take a look at those with gold fillings and/or braces!

5) Fox Park Wyoming seems to be a part of the Medicine Bow National Forest with a population of 22 in 2010.

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