Author Topic: BITTER CREEK BETTY: HF, 24-32, found in Sweetwater, WY - 1 March 1992  (Read 271 times)


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"Bitter Creek Betty"

Artist's impression of what Bitter Creek Betty looked like during life
In Sweetwater County, Wyoming, the unclothed body of a white female, also known as "Rose Doe" with Hispanic or Native American traits was found on March 1, 1992. The body was disposed of 1 month prior to discovery but due to cold weather, the body was well preserved. She was between twenty-four to thirty-two, ranging between five feet six and five feet eight inches tall. Because of the amount of time the remains were outside, it took twenty-four hours for examination to take place. She had a scar from a Caesarean section on her abdomen as well as a rose tattoo under one of her breasts. She had died from being stabbed through one of the nostrils and was also strangled and beaten, likely at another location. She had been sexually assaulted both anally and vaginally. At the scene, a golden-appearing necklace and ring, sweatpants and pink underwear were found. After images of the tattoo were published throughout the United States, a man came forward claiming that he had performed the tattoo on the woman. Further interviews with the man uncovered that she was a Hispanic woman, lacking an accent, and was likely a drifter who hitchhiked frequently around the country. Multiple missing people have been ruled out as possible identities of Bitter Creek Betty. Apart from this victim, two other people remain unidentified in the area. DNA from the scene also matched to another, indicating she was murdered by a serial killer.