Author Topic: LARAMIE COUNTY BABY DOE: WM, newborn found in culvert pipe in Cheyenne, WY - Feb 28, 1988  (Read 119 times)


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Baby Doe was found in a culvert at Happy Jack Road and McKinney Drive on Feb. 28, 1988.

A couple walking by saw a dog chewing on what they thought was a doll. Once they got closer, they realized it was a human infant and called police.

The coroner determined that the baby had air in its lungs and stomach, meaning that he was alive at birth. The cause of death is undetermined, according to official records, but considered a homicide since the baby was born alive.

There were no witnesses who saw anyone dumping anything in the culvert.

Detectives canvassed regional hospitals, schools and the Air Force Base, but couldn't find the mother. DNA has been submitted to a national database in hopes of finding the mother.

Anyone with any information about the case should contact the Laramie County Sheriffs Department at 307-633-4726.