Author Topic: SHERIDAN COUNTY JANE DOE: WF, 16-21, found along Interstate 90 in WY - 13 April 1992  (Read 330 times)


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Sheridan County Jane Doe

Reconstruction of the Sheridan County Jane Doe
A female aged sixteen to twenty-one was discovered murdered on April 13, 1992 in Sheridan County, Wyoming. DNA from the scene was eventually matched to that found at the site of Bitter Creek Betty's body. Unlike the previous victim, this Jane Doe was too decomposed to identify visually and her eye color could not be determined. The cause of her death was ruled as blunt injuries to the head. She was white, five feet five to five feet six inches tall, 110 to 115 pounds and had brown hair with a wavy texture. It is believed that she was killed at a different area than where her body was discovered. The victim's clothing consisted of a patterned white and light blue top that had ties underneath the bust, with pearl and jewel-like buttons. The female also wore a bra, blue jeans, pink underwear and brass earrings.